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The GCCEA lobby is open to members again.  We ask that you practice social distancing and avoid office visits if you have any illness or have been in contact with anyone who has been ill.  Thank You!

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Goodhue County Coop News

National Energy Situation...

In light of everything happening on the national weather scene, we thought this news release from Great River Energy might be of interest to our members.  This release relates to the reliability of the grid in our area.  You've certainly heard of the rolling blackouts and massive outages in the southern region.  Why didn't we see those?  In general it's because we are a member of MISO, the Midwest Independent System Operator, who coordinates the energy markets and the transmission system that serves our region.  We also benefit from "metal to metal" connections to other parts of the country which enables us to import electricity in emergency situations.  Not all parts of the country have that luxury.  Some are more of an island than others.  We also have a number of peaking plants that are called on to run in times of need.  Couple that with very robust load control programs, including water heaters, controllable heat, and member owned generators, and you have a great support system that helps relieve pressure on the power grid when an emergency happens.  It's all by design and is the key to keeping our electricity reliable even when abnormal circumstances present themselves.  Note: the southern region faced ice and snow storms which they aren't used to or prepared for as well.  This compounded thier issues.

GRE News on Reliability

Capital Credits Returned

If you were a member of the Cooperative in 1998 or 1999 you should see a credit amount listed on your bill this month. This credit is for the balance of the capital credits that were allocated to you for 1998 and 10 percent of 1999.  In addition, if you were a member of the Cooperative anytime from 1977 thru 1984, you should have a credit on your bill this month for Great River Energy (GRE) capital credits.  GRE is our power supplier. GRE has started to return capital credits to us after reaching its target equity of 20 percent. We are passing these credits on to you, our members.






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