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Goodhue County Coop News


Ever wondered what it's like to own an EV (electric vehicle)?  How about what it would be like to take a little road trip in one?  This year, as part of the CONNECT Conference for Cooperative Communicators, Touchstone Energy selected Stearns Electric's communication team to represent MN cooperatives in the Touchstone electric vehicle promotion - Roadtrip Recharged!  Amanda and Whitney will be traveling over 1,200 miles in a Tesla EV and recording their experiences the whole way.  There are a number of ways to follow them on their journey.  If you are curious about EV's and what life might be like with them, then this is something you need to follow!  The four communications channels and links are posted below.  




Snap Chat:



Annual Pole Inspection...

Our annual pole inspection will start the week of May 7th and take two to three weeks to complete.  Testing will take place in Lake, Mount Pleasant, Belvidere, and possibly Goodhue township.  Utili-tech Solutions will be doing this testing on behalf of the coop.  Vehicles will be marked with a GCCEA magnetic logo and there will be ATV's used at times as well.  This is part of our continued effort to provide safe and reliable electric service to our members.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our office.



April 9th is Lineman Appreciation Day! 

A day to say thank you to those who keep the power flowing to our homes and businesses day in and day out.  Thank them for bravely going out into the storm when everyone else seeks shelter.  Thank them for leaving their families behind to bring power back to you and your family in the worst conditions.  Thank them for doing these things with pride and without complaint.  We want to recognize our lineman for all they do each and every day!



Thank You!

Thank you to all of our members who attended the 81st Annual Meeting!  Over 300 people enjoyed Dad's Belgian Waffles for breakfast.  We appreciated the participation in the business meeting as well.  Some even went home with prizes - we gave away quite a few of them.  It's member participation that makes the cooperative model work!







We're taking a bold step—doing something no energy provider has ever done.

We're offering you an opportunity to power your electric vehicle with 100% wind energy, for the lifetime of that vehicle, at no extra cost. You'll still have to pay for the energy you use, but you'll be able to do so knowing that when you go electric, you'll always be going green. Visit or click on the image of EEVIE above!


USDA Low Income Home Improvement Loans

(click for more info)




Register for Outage Texting!

Visit the Outage Center page (tab at the top) and click on the SIGN UP link to register your account and phone for outage texting!  You will be able to enter the word Outage along with a keyword and send it via text to 55050 to report an outage.  That's it.  No phone call to make, just a simple message and dispatch will be alerted.  Make sure you read the instructions (along the left hand side) while you are signing up.  You need to register your account number, phone number, and a keyword (such as 'home' or 'farm') in order for the feature to work properly.

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Links to Solar Array data at GCCEA & Great River Energy


GCCEA Solar Live Data 

Great River Energy Renewables

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