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The GCCEA lobby is open to members again.  We ask that you practice social distancing and avoid office visits if you have any illness or have been in contact with anyone who has been ill.  Thank You!



Board Meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of each month (November and December can vary by a week due to the holidays).  Members are welcome to attend or present concerns at board meetings; we do ask that you call at least 2 weeks prior to the meeting to be put on the agenda as a guest or as a presenter.  Meetings begin at 9:00am and are held at our office located at 1410 Northstar Drive in Zumbrota.  

Board members are elected at our annual meeting by a vote of the membership.  Members may also request a mail in ballot if they cannot attend the meeting. 

Each director is elected for a three year term.  The rules and further detail governing director elections and eligibility may be found in our Bylaws (link in the About Us tab).  

What is the role of a GCCEA Board Member?  

  • The strength of electric cooperatives is rooted in the fact that they are led by consumers and belong to the communities they serve. Democratic member control is a core cooperative principle.
  • Serving our members is a primary ingredient of the electric co-op mission. Electric cooperatives leverage a variety of resources to increase member engagement and ensure timely and ongoing communications.
  • Electric co-op boards, and the communities that they represent, play a leadership role and guide the direction of the co-op.
  • Electric cooperatives benefit from open and transparent governance and the positive involvement of the communities they serve.
  • Co-op board members play a pivotal role in determining the strategic direction and priorities of the co-op. This board input is key as electric cooperatives keep the lights on today and plan to meet the energy needs of tomorrow.
  • Are board members compensated?  Board members spend significant time and energy serving as a board member in a highly complex and rapidly changing industry. They have a fiduciary duty to the electric coop, and face potential personal liability for breaching that duty. Electric co-op boards may be compensated for their leadership role in guiding the direction of the co-op.  Several variables affect co-op directors’ compensation, including the number of meetings and other director events each year, travel for board meetings and other co-op functions, nature of the industry, and size and structure of the business. GCCEA board members receive a per diem each month for their service, as well as mileage and travel expense reimbursement of approved expenses.  The current rate is $200 for a full day and $100 for a half day meeting as well as a $100 retainer for time spent on cooperative business outside of meetings.  Mileage is at the current IRS rate.
  • Do board members have to travel?  GCCEA directors are expected to attend the Annual Meeting, MREA Annual Meeting, MREA District Meeting, and are encouraged to become MREA/NRECA credentialed.  GCCEA directors are allowed to attend one national meeting every three years in a rotating schedule.  Attendance is based on the content of the meeting and is subject to a board approval.  Spousal costs are not covered by the cooperative if they choose to attend.    It is important for directors to stay informed and educated on current energy topics and the industry.  Officers may have additional responsibilities and expectations.
  • Do directors receive any other benefits such as insurance or reduced rates?  No.  GCCEA does not provide additional benefits to directors.


One board member is elected from each of our 9 districts to ensure equality across our entire territory.  Directors are not elected by district and they represent the cooperative as a whole and not just their own district.  You may choose to contact the director that is from your own district, but you do not have to.  In fact, you may contact any board member with comments or concerns since they represent all members.  

Board Member Contact Information:

Director District

Paul Huneke


Dist No. 1

Ed Bauman, Treasurer


Dist No. 2

Jim Dicke


Dist No. 3

David Hernke


Dist No. 4

Rick Banks, Vice President


Dist No. 5

Gary Esterby


Dist No. 6

Gene Bang, President


Dist No. 7

Cheryl Kyllo, Secretary


Dist No. 8

Don Buck


Dist No. 9

     What District are you in?

            District Map 

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